The 5 most comical video games ever

The 5 most comical video games ever
This is a free ranking of the titles that impressed me the most regardless of many factors (such as the year of release, the rating on Metacritic or the millions spent to develop them), so don’t start crying that your favorite title is not there. , if you don’t like the ranking, make one yourself and link it to your friends; I hope no one reads it!

Castle Crashers
“Castle Crasher” is the classic example of a simple but fun game: it manages to do a lot with little, and it also makes you want to throw all those million dollar blockbusters that aren’t fun even under laughing gas. Let’s just think about the aesthetics, here we are talking about a game that proposes a dead chicken as one of the best swords in the game. There are parts in the forest where, frightened by the arrival of the beastly end-of-level boss, the adorable woodland animals have genuine intestinal attacks when they hear the monster’s footsteps. A bit like the t-rex scene in “Jurassic Park” but with dysentery. Seeing even just the black knight at his wedding dressed in full tailcoat with his armor and helmet underneath, well, is an experience that I recommend to everyone
The Katamari saga
Nonsense in its pure state; playing “Katamari” is like getting acid and watching “Takeshi’s Castle”. Seriously, I have no other way to define it. The concept itself is crazy but let’s try to explain it anyway: you have to roll a ball that attracts objects in various environments until it grows so much that you can roll larger objects. Yes, you got it right, and even then, there is no better way to describe it. Beyond the excellent premises from the humorous point of view, the game is very funny for a thousand different reasons: from the totally crazy settings to the subtle criticism of the Japanese lifestyle (let’s say that the metropolises are not presented in a very positive way, much less the Japanese customs…). Now take everything I’ve told you and imagine it with a nice chart-topping J-pop soundtrack. No one has ever come out healthy.
Grand Theft Auto V
“GTA V” was the bomb of 2013. Finally a totally updated way through which it is possible to sell drugs and go to prostitutes without the risk of really spending a night in the cage. Sure it’s not quite as fun as peddling and hooking up for real, but the game is worth the candle. What is probably less highlighted is the high level of comedy of the game. Los Santos is actually the equivalent of Los Angeles, and it is continuous satire: American customs, Apple, Google, Facebook and even the world of video games itself is constantly being targeted. Even the level of writing is incredibly high: priceless is the journey in the car in which a supporting character tries to explain to Trevor (one of the protagonists, particular signs: completely crazy) what a hipster is and why Trevor himself could be considered such.
Trevor remains one of the most effective comic reliefs in the history of video games, but the others also play their part: an example? Michael, the wealthy former white mobster, will find himself smoking weed kindly offered by a cannabis liberalization activist, with the very natural consequence of starting to see aliens invading the city. And yes, you will then have to take them down with a machine gun.
All the games that Tim Schafer has played
Everything Tim Schafer touches immediately becomes incredibly fun. His pets are probably nicer than you too. And in some cases even its appliances. Any title written by this gentleman has such a high level of comic writing that by comparison Bill Hicks looks like the screenwriter of “Peppa Pig”.
We are talking about pillars such as “Monkey Island”, “Grim Fandando” and “Day of The Tentacle”, and that is those Lucasarts titles that first showed in a humorous way a media that until recently had tried to amuse mostly with of yellow balls with mouths eating colored dots and with plumbers jumping on turtles. Demented meta-humor, black humor were all types of comedy up to that point relegated to the Monty Phytons, while now it became possible to duel with insults by choosing the best way to respond to things like “I once had a dog smarter than you” (Editor’s note, the correct answer was “he taught you everything you know”, do you understand? I don’t think we need to add anything)
Portal 2
My personal first position. In addition to being such a brilliant game as to make the average of console titles seem interesting as an episode of “Don Matteo”, it proposes as the main enemy of the first chapter and as an important helper of the second, GlaDOS.
GlaDOS is an artificial intelligence built to manage the huge Aperture laboratory, which is what our game world will be. What is not expected is that this AI that we rarely see, but of which we almost always hear only the voice, has the best monologues and jokes ever seen in a video game. His task will be to “mentally test” the laboratory guinea pigs, that is YOU, with a series of psychological pressures bordering on the absurd. He will joke that you have been adopted, ask you if you have gained weight lately, lie to you and then say that he has not lied to you and then lie to you again. Always with the noble aim of getting you killed. SuFinish one of the two chapters and the final reward will be a song written ad hoc for the titles of the thing and the entry of GlaDOS us your hearts.
And yes, it is a threat.