The 15 most difficult video games of these years:for those who are not afraid of anything!

The 15 most difficult video games of these years: for those who are not afraid of anything!( part 1 )
So many ways to prove yourself (and to get hurt)
The first video games were concentrated in arcades, at this time their difficulty was well known and pushed them to spend the money they had earned so hard. When the first home consoles arrived, video games continued to be quite difficult; this could be attributed to technological limitations on the one hand and the devious minds of developers on the other.

With the progress of the modern era, video games have become much more accessible, thanks also to small tutorials and the choice of game difficulty; they have also become much more cinematic, focusing more on the emphasis of storytelling than just gameplay.
Yet, there are still many modern games that challenge a player’s skills and require extreme precision, puzzle solving, alertness and a willingness to get involved. Here are 15 extremely difficult modern video games that will test your skills.
15. The Witness
The Witness is one of the most ingenious and unique puzzle games of recent years. As you explore what appears to be a desert island, you will come across a series of logic puzzles in which you have to move from Point A to Point B using a single line. What makes The Witness difficult is the large number of puzzles, as well as the requirements to complete them. To advance in the game there are “rules” that must be respected and applied to each puzzle, so as to be able to reveal the secrets of its world. Many of the island’s puzzles are based on elements found in those already completed: some require a keen eye, while others require special attention. In each puzzle you will encounter, you will seem to learn a completely new language.
14. Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World set sail last year, quickly becoming Capcom’s best-selling video game, thanks also to greater accessibility for new players; the latter, however, soon discovered how difficult Monster Hunter can be. Combat requires a deep knowledge of the many monsters that one encounters: each has its own types of attack, which must be learned while waiting for the right moment to attack. Understanding the differences between the 14 types of weapons available can be complicated, as each has its own style of play, which changes based on how you approach the clashes. In Monster Hunter: World there are the beauty of 48 single monsters that you must face and defeat (to do so it will take dozens of hours of training and preparation).

13. XCOM 2
In XCOM 2 (and its predecessor XCOM: Enemy Unknown), you will be in command of a group of military men trying to eradicate a dangerous alien race. What makes it really difficult is the enemy, Al: a surprisingly intelligent creature (like a true self-respecting alien). For this the errors must be minimal. Oh, and when one of your soldiers falls in battle, it’s over: they’re really dead, no respawns at the end of the mission. If you are a perfectionist, you will find XCOM 2 to be a pleasant adventure. Big battles are filled with futuristic technology, weapons and skills, but losing a companion can
be devastating, causing many to restart the fight in order to keep everyone alive. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is clear that the game becomes much more difficult: every battle must end perfectly, without errors and with the RNG in your favor. XCOM game designer Jake Solomon said that during the test play, many found the initial campaign quite simple. Then, to counterbalance, they increased the difficulty and converted the default mode to the easier one, calling it ‘Rookie’. This way, if you play it for the first time you will find yourself
in the ‘Veteran’ default mode; from there on, it will all be in your hands, commanders.

In VVVVVV you will sail alongside Captain Viridian through a series of levels filled with spikes and other dangerous obstacles as you attempt to recover missing crew members.
The particular mechanics of this platform allows you to jump, but not in a normal way: you will flip over thanks to gravity, navigating and moving between the floors and ceilings of the various levels. In addition to rescuing your companions, there are collectibles and rather difficult to obtain: one of the most famous is in the area called “Doing Things The Hard Way”, where you will have to reverse gravity and fall on a spike covered plank ( it is absolutely normal to die more than once).
11. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, enemies never seem to lose sight of you, no matter where you are. To make it even more hectic, there is no way to know from which direction they are hitting you. The difficulty of New Colossus makes it very demanding – not only are health and damage reduced, but the lowest difficulty is also very demanding. Good luck if you play it in the ‘Mein leben’ difficulty: a mode in which you only have one life to complete the campaign, a feat that has been completed by 0.1% of the players.

10. Spelunky
As mentioned before, Spelunky is a truly complex exploration video game: you will travel through numerous and ever new caves in search of precious loot, all while avoiding numerous enemies, traps and obstacles. What makes Spelunky so difficult is that it exploits your avarice: when you reach the end of a level, you will always see an unreachable treasure chest; also in case of death you will lose everything and you will have to start over. The timer in each level will put a strain on your nerves and make sure you keep going; if the timer ends, a ghost will start chasing you and if you are touched, your path will end instantly. Enemies and places leave no way out, but at each path you will learn something more that will help you in the continuation. You will need as much practice as possible before Spelunky 2 is out by the end of this year.
9. Heavenly
Celeste is a platform video game in which a young girl named Madeline climbs a mountain and struggles with her mental stability along the way. The gameplay revolves around a single screen and puzzles to solve to clear your way. What makes Celeste difficult is the precision required to solve each puzzle, especially towards the end of the game; The level of your skills is constantly tested, but it will be possible to improve it with each solved puzzle. Also, there are strawberries scattered throughout the levels that won’t be easy to get. Once the story is complete, you will unlock the B-Sides – a mix of much more difficult levels than the main story. If you are patient enough to solve all the B-Sides, you will also unlock the C-Sides which are practically impossible. Are you ready for the challenge?