Games dedicated to girls,8 video games that will delight EVERYONE

Games dedicated to girls, 8 video games that will delight EVERYONE

Dedicated to girls who love video games, you just need a joypad to become a real super heroine!
Dedicated to girls who love games, video games. Because keeping a joypad in your hand to face millions of virtual adventures hasn’t been a child’s thing for some time now, on the contrary: according to the latest estimates by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), in the USA the pink share that actively plays is around the 41%, while in Europe about 43% of girls have made this hobby a real passion.
And even in Italy it is video game-mania: even 1 gamer out of 2 is a woman! Among the most famous is La Sabri Gamer, who is a real icon among fans on Youtube.
On March 8, 2018, the activity of the Woman in Games association was inaugurated in Italy, which has among its aims also to double the number of professionals and professionals who create and develop video games. So, if you too feel like a tech girl and your dream is to study science and coding, you just have to find out from inside this world: just play the 8 coolest video games for girls of the moment. Hand to the joypad, let’s start!
1. The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild
Zelda is the princess to be saved in the collective imagination linked to the world of videogames, which has now exceeded 25 years of life and continues, in its annual releases, to thrill the group of addicted who have followed her since her very first adventures. A mix of fantasy and adventure up to the last chapter of the currently released series, Breath of the Wild.
2. Tomb Rider – Shadow of the Tomb Rider
While at the cinema Alicia Vikander brings the reboot of the adventures of Lara Croft to the big screen, fans are anxiously awaiting the last chapter of a trilogy that began in 2013: the saga of the sexy archaeologist and adventurer will be called Shadow of The Tomb Rider and who will speak just of the origins of Lara, as in the film currently in the cinema. The peculiarity of this new adventure? The de-sexualization of the protagonist: as a sexy doll and girl as normal as possible, especially in the facial features and shapes. A heroine who has always been loved, so much so that she has sold about 63 million copies worldwide!
3. Horizon – Zero Dawn
Among the high-tax video games for girls, if you like post-apocalyptic scenarios, there is definitely Horizon – Zero Dawn. The protagonist is once again a girl, Aloy, who lives in a world dominated by robots and machines that are not friends of the survivors at all. You will step into his shoes, using all his powers to defeat evil and discover the origins of the cataclysm that has hit the planet.
4. Mass effect – Andromeda
One of the coolest news of 2017 is definitely this video game available for Playstation 4 and Xbox, the fourth chapter of the Mass Effect saga. You will move in a hyper galactic context, with humanity preparing to populate a new Galaxy, Andromeda, in fact; in addition, in addition to putting yourself in the shoes of an explorer of new worlds, you can make friends and converse with the other protagonists of the video game, create new relationships and be a true space pioneer.
5. Chuka
A novelty recently launched by the UN to combat gender diversity: here, in a nutshell, Chuka. Designed by an all-female team, this videogame tries to destroy, with virtual and videogame language, some die-hard stereotypes: perfect for girls and boys, arriving very soon also in Italy.
6. Assassin Creed III Liberation
If you like adventure and action, the Assassin Creed saga is for you! In addition, in this version there is something new that you will like: for the first time you will be able to play with a female character (it had never happened before in the other episodes), Aveline, who also has French-African origins. The game is set in the late 1700s in New Orleans and will allow you to take a real dip in history: a mix of combat and past that you will love
7. Life is Strange – Before The Storm
A game that will teach you to manipulate time: in the first chapter of the saga you will be Max who lives in an American teen community and fights cyberbullying, mysteries and secrets thanks to his great power. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Life is Strange is divided into episodes, the last of which is called Before the Storm and stars Chloe and her BF Rachel.
8. The Sims 4
If weapons aren’t your thing but you love simulation games, you just have to dive into the life of The Sims, perhaps one of the most popular video games ever. You can build them a house, send them to work and make them a career, interact with other Sims to create new friends and loves, have children, throw parties, fight, betray and even die, disappear, be abducted by aliens. In practice, you are the one to manage their lives, choosing the course of events as you please: in The Sims 4 version, with its expansions, the drawings are so realistic that they seem real!