One of the Least Updated Apps is also one of the Most Downloaded

Let’s talk about the noteworthy goals achieved by the apps on the Play Store, or those downloaded and used by Android users. This is the turn of the Google Calculator.

In fact, the Calculator app has just broken through the wall of one billion downloads on the Play Store and has far outperformed classical game downloads like Wordscapes, Word Stacks, Word Relax. The milestone is not so unexpected, since the Calculator app comes pre-installed on several devices. On the other hand, it is good to consider that if this happens it means that the app is well made and meets the needs of the average user. The Google Calculator is among the most downloaded apps ever but also the least updated, the last noteworthy update dates back to October 2019.

Let us know if yours is also among the billion downloads of the Calculator app, or if you rely on alternative solutions.

Word Collect

Word Collect Answers for All Levels which are a total 2500 levels are displayed here in this page. This super puzzle game is published and developed by Super Lucky Games game Studio.You can find the word puzzle game available on both mobile platforms.

It can be downloaded from App Store for IOS or Android Play Store.You may know the two famous games Word Forest and Trivia Star , they have been published by the same developers such as Word collect .
The levels of this game are so entertaining and keep you curious about what the solution is.
At the beginning you may find it easy but don’ t be tricked by this. It gets harder from level to level.

New trending and interesting word games:

Word Connect Answers

Word Life Answers

Word Card Answers are more difficult to solve therefore you will be needing a solver site because the levels get harder as you progress further in the game

The 15 most Difficult Video Games of these years. For Those Who are Not Afraid of Anything! P2

The 15 most difficult video games of these years: for those who are not afraid of anything!( part 2 )
So many ways to prove yourself (and to get hurt)
8. Dead Cells
Dead Cells may seem like one of many rogue-style games, but after spending some time on it, you will see that it deviates a lot for several reasons. At the beginning of the gameplay, a series of interconnected corridors, collectibles and enemies to defeat are explored. All of this is reminiscent of Metroidvania-style games, as there are many secrets to discover and power-ups to be obtained. As you proceed along the paths, you will collect scrolls that will allow you to increase your Brutality, Tactics and Survival (which will change your health and the damage inflicted with specific weapons). The enemies are merciless and many fire bullets or attack in groups. Health is an extremely limited resource and will increase as you progress through the game, even if the protagonist is really weak at first. Boss fights are very strenuous and, depending on your character structure, will require different skills to overcome them.
7. Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon is a role-playing video game belonging to the turn-based strategy genre, with a roguelike component. Here you will be the leader of a group of adventurers who seek to liberate the estate that you have inherited from its fateful inhabitants. Each of the dungeons you enter will be filled with traps and items to discover, as well as teeming with enemies. As you progress through the dungeons, you will be equipped with a slowly extinguishing torch: the dimmer the light, the weaker your party becomes. There is an evident relationship between risk and reward in this game: will you be able to enter the dungeon with the hope of finding a treasure, or will you die at the hands of your enemies?
6. The Binding of Isaac
The Binding of Isaac is a rogue video game developed by Edmund Mcmillen (creator of Super Meat Boy). You will take on the role of Isaac, a young boy whose mother took away all his belongings to protect him from the outside world. Each path begins in a basement: here you will explore a series of rooms inspired by the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda, as well as being filled with enemies, treasures and secrets. There are at least 200 types of enemies and each of them has specific attacks that you need to know before entering a room, as there are also many traps and bullets that you will be busy dodging. There are also 550 collectibles that change Isaac’s appearance, giving him new abilities; many of these are useful, but other items can further complicate your journey.
5. Enter The Gungeon
In Enter the Gungeon, your goal is to advance through a series of automatically generated floors, wiping out waves of enemies and trying to stay alive. As you descend into the depths of the dungeon, you will need to have great will and skill to proceed, due to increasingly stronger enemies and scarcity of resources. Each enemy has a specific attack system, which becomes a real nightmare with the bosses. Movement is essential, as is seeking shelter at the right time. There are over 200 weapons available throughout the Gungeon and each one has its own skills that you will need to learn to wield quickly in order to use them to your advantage. With limited health and challenging enemies, you’ll need to make the most of your arsenal to emerge victorious.
4. Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy is the successor to the 2008 flash game Meat Boy, which stars a piece of meat on a mission to save his girlfriend. When it came out in 2010, everyone immediately noticed its incredible difficulty. It starts out as a simple platformer, introducing new elements and mechanics as you progress through the various levels; but after getting carried away with the controls, you will come across spikes, circular saws and other dangers. Super Meat Boy requires patience and extreme precision in the various levels. Fortunately, when you die, Meat Boy regenerates immediately, throwing you back into the fray without delay. For those who want something even more difficult, the game also features “Dark World”, available only after completing a certain area. This remix of levels will test your nerves.
3. Cuphead
On the surface, Cuphead would seem easy. The 1930s inspiration reminds us of the first cartoons, as well as the feelings of familiarity and comfort; what you can’t understand until you play it is that this feeling of comfort doesn’t exist at all: Cuphead is a run-and-gun video game with really tough boss fights.
2. Nioh
The penultimate game on the list brings us to a comparison with the “Soulsborne” video game series, due to the grueling fights and boss fights; yet Nioh differs in a more offensive fighting style. During the battle the movements are very fluid and help to reduce the possible damage: your High Stance gives you more damage, sacrificing speed; Mid Stance gives a more balanced approach to combat and Low Stance favors speed over damage. Understanding the enemy and finding the right moment to move between the different positions can determine the fate of the encounter. The boss fights are the strengths of the game, where the difficulty is felt even by the most experienced players, as the bosses leave very few opportunities to attack. Understanding the different fighting skills, as well as the differences between different equipment, requires a deep understanding of game statistics.
1. Dark Souls / Bloodborne / Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Unsurprisingly, From Software’s well-known video game series tops the list. It is difficult to imagine, in the last ten years, a series that is so complex from start to finish. Starting with Demon’s Souls, passing through the Dark Souls series in Bloodborne and with the most recent Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, these video games have taught gamers a lot. Whenever you die in one of the Soulsborne, you often retrace your steps, fighting to get to the enemy who defeated you and have your own revenge.
Combat is the basis of these games and it is not at all easy: the most inexperienced players usually approach an enemy without knowing how to fight, but they hone their technique once they have learned the attacks. Each encounter is like a puzzle to be solved while waiting for the right moment to attack; every time you die you get smarter and after hundreds of inevitable deaths, you may be able to win.

The 15 most difficult video games of these years:for those who are not afraid of anything!

The 15 most difficult video games of these years: for those who are not afraid of anything!( part 1 )
So many ways to prove yourself (and to get hurt)
The first video games were concentrated in arcades, at this time their difficulty was well known and pushed them to spend the money they had earned so hard. When the first home consoles arrived, video games continued to be quite difficult; this could be attributed to technological limitations on the one hand and the devious minds of developers on the other.

With the progress of the modern era, video games have become much more accessible, thanks also to small tutorials and the choice of game difficulty; they have also become much more cinematic, focusing more on the emphasis of storytelling than just gameplay.
Yet, there are still many modern games that challenge a player’s skills and require extreme precision, puzzle solving, alertness and a willingness to get involved. Here are 15 extremely difficult modern video games that will test your skills.
15. The Witness
The Witness is one of the most ingenious and unique puzzle games of recent years. As you explore what appears to be a desert island, you will come across a series of logic puzzles in which you have to move from Point A to Point B using a single line. What makes The Witness difficult is the large number of puzzles, as well as the requirements to complete them. To advance in the game there are “rules” that must be respected and applied to each puzzle, so as to be able to reveal the secrets of its world. Many of the island’s puzzles are based on elements found in those already completed: some require a keen eye, while others require special attention. In each puzzle you will encounter, you will seem to learn a completely new language.
14. Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World set sail last year, quickly becoming Capcom’s best-selling video game, thanks also to greater accessibility for new players; the latter, however, soon discovered how difficult Monster Hunter can be. Combat requires a deep knowledge of the many monsters that one encounters: each has its own types of attack, which must be learned while waiting for the right moment to attack. Understanding the differences between the 14 types of weapons available can be complicated, as each has its own style of play, which changes based on how you approach the clashes. In Monster Hunter: World there are the beauty of 48 single monsters that you must face and defeat (to do so it will take dozens of hours of training and preparation).

13. XCOM 2
In XCOM 2 (and its predecessor XCOM: Enemy Unknown), you will be in command of a group of military men trying to eradicate a dangerous alien race. What makes it really difficult is the enemy, Al: a surprisingly intelligent creature (like a true self-respecting alien). For this the errors must be minimal. Oh, and when one of your soldiers falls in battle, it’s over: they’re really dead, no respawns at the end of the mission. If you are a perfectionist, you will find XCOM 2 to be a pleasant adventure. Big battles are filled with futuristic technology, weapons and skills, but losing a companion can
be devastating, causing many to restart the fight in order to keep everyone alive. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is clear that the game becomes much more difficult: every battle must end perfectly, without errors and with the RNG in your favor. XCOM game designer Jake Solomon said that during the test play, many found the initial campaign quite simple. Then, to counterbalance, they increased the difficulty and converted the default mode to the easier one, calling it ‘Rookie’. This way, if you play it for the first time you will find yourself
in the ‘Veteran’ default mode; from there on, it will all be in your hands, commanders.

In VVVVVV you will sail alongside Captain Viridian through a series of levels filled with spikes and other dangerous obstacles as you attempt to recover missing crew members.
The particular mechanics of this platform allows you to jump, but not in a normal way: you will flip over thanks to gravity, navigating and moving between the floors and ceilings of the various levels. In addition to rescuing your companions, there are collectibles and rather difficult to obtain: one of the most famous is in the area called “Doing Things The Hard Way”, where you will have to reverse gravity and fall on a spike covered plank ( it is absolutely normal to die more than once).
11. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, enemies never seem to lose sight of you, no matter where you are. To make it even more hectic, there is no way to know from which direction they are hitting you. The difficulty of New Colossus makes it very demanding – not only are health and damage reduced, but the lowest difficulty is also very demanding. Good luck if you play it in the ‘Mein leben’ difficulty: a mode in which you only have one life to complete the campaign, a feat that has been completed by 0.1% of the players.

10. Spelunky
As mentioned before, Spelunky is a truly complex exploration video game: you will travel through numerous and ever new caves in search of precious loot, all while avoiding numerous enemies, traps and obstacles. What makes Spelunky so difficult is that it exploits your avarice: when you reach the end of a level, you will always see an unreachable treasure chest; also in case of death you will lose everything and you will have to start over. The timer in each level will put a strain on your nerves and make sure you keep going; if the timer ends, a ghost will start chasing you and if you are touched, your path will end instantly. Enemies and places leave no way out, but at each path you will learn something more that will help you in the continuation. You will need as much practice as possible before Spelunky 2 is out by the end of this year.
9. Heavenly
Celeste is a platform video game in which a young girl named Madeline climbs a mountain and struggles with her mental stability along the way. The gameplay revolves around a single screen and puzzles to solve to clear your way. What makes Celeste difficult is the precision required to solve each puzzle, especially towards the end of the game; The level of your skills is constantly tested, but it will be possible to improve it with each solved puzzle. Also, there are strawberries scattered throughout the levels that won’t be easy to get. Once the story is complete, you will unlock the B-Sides – a mix of much more difficult levels than the main story. If you are patient enough to solve all the B-Sides, you will also unlock the C-Sides which are practically impossible. Are you ready for the challenge?

The 5 most comical video games ever

The 5 most comical video games ever
This is a free ranking of the titles that impressed me the most regardless of many factors (such as the year of release, the rating on Metacritic or the millions spent to develop them), so don’t start crying that your favorite title is not there. , if you don’t like the ranking, make one yourself and link it to your friends; I hope no one reads it!

Castle Crashers
“Castle Crasher” is the classic example of a simple but fun game: it manages to do a lot with little, and it also makes you want to throw all those million dollar blockbusters that aren’t fun even under laughing gas. Let’s just think about the aesthetics, here we are talking about a game that proposes a dead chicken as one of the best swords in the game. There are parts in the forest where, frightened by the arrival of the beastly end-of-level boss, the adorable woodland animals have genuine intestinal attacks when they hear the monster’s footsteps. A bit like the t-rex scene in “Jurassic Park” but with dysentery. Seeing even just the black knight at his wedding dressed in full tailcoat with his armor and helmet underneath, well, is an experience that I recommend to everyone
The Katamari saga
Nonsense in its pure state; playing “Katamari” is like getting acid and watching “Takeshi’s Castle”. Seriously, I have no other way to define it. The concept itself is crazy but let’s try to explain it anyway: you have to roll a ball that attracts objects in various environments until it grows so much that you can roll larger objects. Yes, you got it right, and even then, there is no better way to describe it. Beyond the excellent premises from the humorous point of view, the game is very funny for a thousand different reasons: from the totally crazy settings to the subtle criticism of the Japanese lifestyle (let’s say that the metropolises are not presented in a very positive way, much less the Japanese customs…). Now take everything I’ve told you and imagine it with a nice chart-topping J-pop soundtrack. No one has ever come out healthy.
Grand Theft Auto V
“GTA V” was the bomb of 2013. Finally a totally updated way through which it is possible to sell drugs and go to prostitutes without the risk of really spending a night in the cage. Sure it’s not quite as fun as peddling and hooking up for real, but the game is worth the candle. What is probably less highlighted is the high level of comedy of the game. Los Santos is actually the equivalent of Los Angeles, and it is continuous satire: American customs, Apple, Google, Facebook and even the world of video games itself is constantly being targeted. Even the level of writing is incredibly high: priceless is the journey in the car in which a supporting character tries to explain to Trevor (one of the protagonists, particular signs: completely crazy) what a hipster is and why Trevor himself could be considered such.
Trevor remains one of the most effective comic reliefs in the history of video games, but the others also play their part: an example? Michael, the wealthy former white mobster, will find himself smoking weed kindly offered by a cannabis liberalization activist, with the very natural consequence of starting to see aliens invading the city. And yes, you will then have to take them down with a machine gun.
All the games that Tim Schafer has played
Everything Tim Schafer touches immediately becomes incredibly fun. His pets are probably nicer than you too. And in some cases even its appliances. Any title written by this gentleman has such a high level of comic writing that by comparison Bill Hicks looks like the screenwriter of “Peppa Pig”.
We are talking about pillars such as “Monkey Island”, “Grim Fandando” and “Day of The Tentacle”, and that is those Lucasarts titles that first showed in a humorous way a media that until recently had tried to amuse mostly with of yellow balls with mouths eating colored dots and with plumbers jumping on turtles. Demented meta-humor, black humor were all types of comedy up to that point relegated to the Monty Phytons, while now it became possible to duel with insults by choosing the best way to respond to things like “I once had a dog smarter than you” (Editor’s note, the correct answer was “he taught you everything you know”, do you understand? I don’t think we need to add anything)
Portal 2
My personal first position. In addition to being such a brilliant game as to make the average of console titles seem interesting as an episode of “Don Matteo”, it proposes as the main enemy of the first chapter and as an important helper of the second, GlaDOS.
GlaDOS is an artificial intelligence built to manage the huge Aperture laboratory, which is what our game world will be. What is not expected is that this AI that we rarely see, but of which we almost always hear only the voice, has the best monologues and jokes ever seen in a video game. His task will be to “mentally test” the laboratory guinea pigs, that is YOU, with a series of psychological pressures bordering on the absurd. He will joke that you have been adopted, ask you if you have gained weight lately, lie to you and then say that he has not lied to you and then lie to you again. Always with the noble aim of getting you killed. SuFinish one of the two chapters and the final reward will be a song written ad hoc for the titles of the thing and the entry of GlaDOS us your hearts.
And yes, it is a threat.

Games dedicated to girls,8 video games that will delight EVERYONE

Games dedicated to girls, 8 video games that will delight EVERYONE

Dedicated to girls who love video games, you just need a joypad to become a real super heroine!
Dedicated to girls who love games, video games. Because keeping a joypad in your hand to face millions of virtual adventures hasn’t been a child’s thing for some time now, on the contrary: according to the latest estimates by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), in the USA the pink share that actively plays is around the 41%, while in Europe about 43% of girls have made this hobby a real passion.
And even in Italy it is video game-mania: even 1 gamer out of 2 is a woman! Among the most famous is La Sabri Gamer, who is a real icon among fans on Youtube.
On March 8, 2018, the activity of the Woman in Games association was inaugurated in Italy, which has among its aims also to double the number of professionals and professionals who create and develop video games. So, if you too feel like a tech girl and your dream is to study science and coding, you just have to find out from inside this world: just play the 8 coolest video games for girls of the moment. Hand to the joypad, let’s start!
1. The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild
Zelda is the princess to be saved in the collective imagination linked to the world of videogames, which has now exceeded 25 years of life and continues, in its annual releases, to thrill the group of addicted who have followed her since her very first adventures. A mix of fantasy and adventure up to the last chapter of the currently released series, Breath of the Wild.
2. Tomb Rider – Shadow of the Tomb Rider
While at the cinema Alicia Vikander brings the reboot of the adventures of Lara Croft to the big screen, fans are anxiously awaiting the last chapter of a trilogy that began in 2013: the saga of the sexy archaeologist and adventurer will be called Shadow of The Tomb Rider and who will speak just of the origins of Lara, as in the film currently in the cinema. The peculiarity of this new adventure? The de-sexualization of the protagonist: as a sexy doll and girl as normal as possible, especially in the facial features and shapes. A heroine who has always been loved, so much so that she has sold about 63 million copies worldwide!
3. Horizon – Zero Dawn
Among the high-tax video games for girls, if you like post-apocalyptic scenarios, there is definitely Horizon – Zero Dawn. The protagonist is once again a girl, Aloy, who lives in a world dominated by robots and machines that are not friends of the survivors at all. You will step into his shoes, using all his powers to defeat evil and discover the origins of the cataclysm that has hit the planet.
4. Mass effect – Andromeda
One of the coolest news of 2017 is definitely this video game available for Playstation 4 and Xbox, the fourth chapter of the Mass Effect saga. You will move in a hyper galactic context, with humanity preparing to populate a new Galaxy, Andromeda, in fact; in addition, in addition to putting yourself in the shoes of an explorer of new worlds, you can make friends and converse with the other protagonists of the video game, create new relationships and be a true space pioneer.
5. Chuka
A novelty recently launched by the UN to combat gender diversity: here, in a nutshell, Chuka. Designed by an all-female team, this videogame tries to destroy, with virtual and videogame language, some die-hard stereotypes: perfect for girls and boys, arriving very soon also in Italy.
6. Assassin Creed III Liberation
If you like adventure and action, the Assassin Creed saga is for you! In addition, in this version there is something new that you will like: for the first time you will be able to play with a female character (it had never happened before in the other episodes), Aveline, who also has French-African origins. The game is set in the late 1700s in New Orleans and will allow you to take a real dip in history: a mix of combat and past that you will love
7. Life is Strange – Before The Storm
A game that will teach you to manipulate time: in the first chapter of the saga you will be Max who lives in an American teen community and fights cyberbullying, mysteries and secrets thanks to his great power. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Life is Strange is divided into episodes, the last of which is called Before the Storm and stars Chloe and her BF Rachel.
8. The Sims 4
If weapons aren’t your thing but you love simulation games, you just have to dive into the life of The Sims, perhaps one of the most popular video games ever. You can build them a house, send them to work and make them a career, interact with other Sims to create new friends and loves, have children, throw parties, fight, betray and even die, disappear, be abducted by aliens. In practice, you are the one to manage their lives, choosing the course of events as you please: in The Sims 4 version, with its expansions, the drawings are so realistic that they seem real!